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NicoletteA career strategist, coach and speaker, Nicolette Pizzitola is the founder of Compass Point Associates, a coaching and consulting firm providing services ranging from career management for individuals, executives and entrepreneurs, to talent management initiatives and leadership coaching within organizations.

An expert in career and talent management, Nicolette is dedicated to teaching individuals to define their success, shape their professional identities, and manage their career.

In addition to speaking at TEDxAdamsMorganWomen in 2012, Nicolette is a frequent speaker at academic institutions, corporations and associations. She has taught career management strategies at The George Washington University School of Business, and serves as a consultant for The F. David Fowler Career Center and the Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

She has served award winning brands with her experience in public and investor relations, marketing and communications, including Time Warner, HBO, the Health and Hospitals Corporation, The City of New York, The National Institutes for Health, The Centers for Disease Control, The National Council for International Health, The Goddard Space Flight Center, Prudential, and Stanton Crenshaw Public Relations.

How do you use social media in your work?Social media plays an important role in my work. It is a vital tool in career development and management – from promoting and extending your personal brand, to researching and securing new opportunities, even finding connections and building relationships. Various social platforms and tools give us unprecedented ability to explore professional opportunities, find resources, connect with thought leaders, and manage our careers.  In addition, I use social media as a means of engaging with my existing community and providing potential clients a sense of my voice and philosophy. It is useful in building my individual and corporate client base, and even in securing speaking engagements and writing opportunities.”

What trends do you see in the upcoming year for social media?LinkedIn is finally making the turn toward becoming a true social network.  While many platforms are trying to capture the career sector, LinkedIn still hold reign. New entrants into the space will push the envelope and we will see more functionality and activity.  Although, newbies upping the ante around engagement may make headway.

Next, people are feeling the fatigue of managing multiple social identities, confusing privacy rules, worrying about the impact of new search capabilities and getting little more than entertainment in return.

The next trend will be the ‘less is more’ approach’ focusing more on building useful, vibrant connections – this means the culling of friends and connections on existing platforms, and more purposefully community building on new – as well as selectivity in deciding which new communities to join.”

What’s your best social media tip? “I look at social media as a resource economy. Rather than being omnipresent on all platforms with endless posts – connect and contribute with deliberate care.

Your social media engagement should enhance your offline world, and contribute to those who engage with you – it’s your job to cultivate the community you want to be a part of both personally and professionally.”


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