How to Engage Your Facebook Audience with Contests

I learned this week about the challenging world of Facebook contest/promotion guidelines.  As an administer on your Facebook page, I recommend you checking out their guidelines in full.  Many people see being an administrator of a page as no different then managing their personal page, but there are many rules that you should be aware of to keep your organization’s page on the up and up.  I’m sure we’ve all seen “like this post to win a prize” from your local radio station or pizza place.  Little do they know that they are in direct violation of Facebook’s guidelines. You can not ask people to like or comment on your organization’s page for a prize.   Facebook has and will delete accounts for broaching their guidelines, and unfortunately ignorance to the rule won’t change the outcome.


Here are a few ways to work around the promotion guidelines on Facebook and how to engage your audience:

Host your contest on your organization’s blog or via a link to a form (google form is a free easy way to create forms). You can see an example of Skillshare’s contest below.  Their link goes to a separate contest form.

Contest example



Purchase a third-party Facebook app like Shortstack. Below you will find their pricing structure.  There are other options, but if you are looking at below 2,000 fans, this is a great free option. 



Remember, after you pick your winner you are not allowed to use Facebook to notify winners through any Facebook communication platforms (chats, messages, or posts). Instead you will need to call or email the winner directly.

If you’re like me, you might find it disappointing that you can’t directly build up your organization’s likes through your contest but contests still remain a great way to engage your audience.  The more engaged your audience is the more likely you will grow your likes. Here are some tips on how to promote your Facebook contest.

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