5 Apps To Help You Weather The Storm

As the East Coast starts the slow and painful recovery from Hurricane Sandy and prepares for another wintery mix of rain and snow, there’s a lot of clean up to do and preparations to be made. Homes, cars, personal property and in some cases entire blocks have been destroyed.  To help you document property damage to your home or car, MediaBsitro AppNewser put together a list of apps that can come in handy. Below is their list of iOS and Android apps that can help with either documenting damage, filing claims or simply tracking possessions.



  1. Insurance Claims Recorder: “The Insurance Claims Recorder is the premiere method for recording claims interviews both in person and live phone calls
  2. Home Gallery: “With Home Gallery, simply start snapping photos as you move through your rooms and assign the information you choose to each item right on your Android phone.”
  3. Home Inventory: “Let your Android device help you keep track of all that you own with Home Inventory. This easy-to-use app lets you create and modify an inventory of all the items in your home.”
  4.  Mobile Insurance Tools: “Trusted Choice independent insurance agents represent multiple insurance companies and can offer their clients customized coverage options and valuable advocacy during the claims process.”
  5.  ContentsCalc: “The Hiscox Insurance Contents Calculator gives you a comprehensive on-the-go mobile tool allowing you to record the approximate value of your possessions inside and outside your home”

By: Danielle Ricks

Social Media Specialist

Campaign Consultation, Inc

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