Bookmark This Tool: Adobe Voice

I’ve struggled over an opening sentence to this post for quite some time. For moments like this,  Adobe Voice can help.

This app allows you to create short, compelling videos using your tablet or phone.  You can create an inspirational video using your own photos and music (or borrow some of theirs). This tool also automatically creates “closing credits” for your video to cover any usage rights.

The best part? You don’t need any graphic design or development skills to be able to create your video. The interface is very intuitive, allowing for drag/drop of images, music, and text. Their website boasts a wide variety of users and videos, ranging from a mother/daughter tribute to a business proposal for a clothing company. Adobe Voice app icon

How might one use this tool for social good? Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. State your case. Short statements with bold images have a lasting effect. Use compelling images and icons to tell a short story of awareness.
  2. Invite others in. Create a video invitation to a fundraiser, symposium, or gala. Upload an image that shows your date, time, and location so everyone knows the fine print.
  3. Go ahead, brag a little. Did your organization just do something spectacular? Collect your images and share them with the world! Now, everyone can see that time-lapse video of your neighborhood playground project.

How else can you tell your story in images? Share your thoughts below!