The Best Length For EVERYTHING Online

How long should your email be? How many characters should you use in your Facebook post? A lot of time has been put in to calculating the exact length of title tags to domain names and everything in between. Click on the post from the The Next Web com to find out the best length for everything on the Internet. In fact, I may be typing too much right now. Gotta go…



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It’s A Smart World After All


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The “Internet of Things” is exploding. It’s made up of billions of “smart” devices — from minuscule chips to mammoth machines — that use wireless technology to talk to each other. Our IoT world is growing at a breathtaking pace–from 2 billion objects in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 202. SOURCES: IDC, Intel, United nations:

VIDEO: The Smart Work in 2020

In his post When Things Matter More than People, author and marketer, Geoff Livingston shared that:

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Put an Image On it: How to Find Free Images for your Posts

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It all seems so simple, but when it comes time to add an image to whatever you’re posting, many are faced with similar confusion: where can you go to quickly grab a quality, free, legal image to insert into your latest Facebook post, website or blog?

At Campaign Consultation, and on blogs like this one, we’ve cultivated a few resources over the years that help us find images that meet all of the above standards, while also telling our story.

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Facebook Page Admins

The Seven Deadly sins are the classification of objectionable vices, meant to educate humanity against its own tendency to sin.

Unfortunately, the pure truth and wisdom that we should draw from these simple vices is often absent in the management decisions we make when it comes to social media … until now.

Behold the power of the Seven Deadly Sins of Facebook Administration, straight from some expert Facebook page administrators into your Social Media Conscience:

Wrath Avoid: Engaging ragers imposing their wrath on your page. You know, the folks from the Internet who comment and vent openly …read more

Do You Have Something to Teach?

Skillshare thinks everyone has something to teach and things to learn. Skillshare’s platform is a community marketplace where you can find online or in-person classes to take or post your own course. For example in Washington, DC you can take a class on writing an RFP for $25 dollars or take a crash course in CSS for $100. Courses range from arts and crafts to technology. This is a great way for individuals or companies to show their expertise and gain new clients.

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Content is King

Social media, mobile technology, and word-of-mouth marketing have been serious game changers. People today are getting their news online. We’re watching TV on mobile devices and subscribing to magazine on tablets.

This lends to three points:

• Traditional advertising is dead.

• Content marketing is the new traditional advertising.

• Content is King.

Great content is a powerful marketing tool. Why? It can build community and tell a story about your organization, your company’s mission or your individual brand.

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