Microsoft Word Coming to Your iPad?

Rumors are rampant that Microsoft is releasing an iPad version of its Office software. Microsoft has denied these rumors but an unnamed Microsoft employee reportedly demonstrated a version of an app that would make Microsoft software a reality on your iPad screen. Have no fear, if this is merely a rumor, Microsoft plans on releasing Windows 8 which is an operating system for tablets this year.

Would Microsoft software change how you view a iPad? Would you be more likely to purchase an iPad or tablet knowing it would be more integrated into your work life?


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Watching TV Just Got More Interesting

How do you watch TV? At home on your television set or online via your computer. Well, thanks to revenue generated from Hulu Plus your viewing experience online just got better. Hulu pays more fees per user, per content, than any of its other competitors, including Netflix, said Hulu CEO Jason Kilar at AllThingsD’s Dive into Media conference. What does that mean to the viewing audience? It means a lot more programming to choose from online. In an AllThingsD interview, Kilar was asked how much the company would spend toward original programming in 2012. Hulu had previously announced that it …read more

Leave Your Wallet at Home

As Smartphone’s get smarter, apps strive to be bigger and better. Square Card Case has taken electronic payment to the next level. Once you’ve download the Card Case app, you can leave your wallet at home when you run out for a cup of coffee. And, you can leave your phone in your pocket while you pay.

There are 3 steps to the Card Case.

1. Download the app and link a credit card.

2. Open a tab at any Square merchant.

3. Give your name at the register and you’re done.


How will this affect you?

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What Do Your Social Networking Sites Say About You?

Most job applicants know the importance of a typo free resume and a carefully penned cover letter. But, that may not be enough. Did you know you also need an equally well scripted social networking life?

90% of job recruiters use social networking sites to investigate candidates. What does your profile say about you?

Here are some quick ways to clean up your profile and become more attractive to recruiters:

Link articles about your industry to your status. Show that you are up to date on industry changes. Create a LinkedIn account, and ask previous employers/co-workers to write references for …read more

Embrace What’s Next?

Technology is ever changing. There are two options for those in the workplace:

Learn the new trend Start becoming obsolete.

It’s important to give value to upcoming technology. Not everything is going to work, but just because it’s new does not mean it’s going to fail and even though it’s being embraced by youth does not mean it’s not applicable to all ages. The Youth will be the next workforce and what they learn now will be the future of business to come. Older generations value face to face meetings, younger generations value the ease of an email or …read more

“e” is Evolving … U should 2

E-technology is moving at an unprecedented fast pace. And at times it may seem like it is passing you by. But it’s important to keep up.

To that end, All Things “e” is the place for you to learn about current and emerging e-technologies and explore ways to use these technologies to advance your social change agenda.

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