Microsoft Word Coming to Your iPad?

Rumors are rampant that Microsoft is releasing an iPad version of its Office software. Microsoft has denied these rumors but an unnamed Microsoft employee reportedly demonstrated a version of an app that would make Microsoft software a reality on your iPad screen. Have no fear, if this is merely a rumor, Microsoft plans on releasing Windows 8 which is an operating system for tablets this year.

Would Microsoft software change how you view a iPad? Would you be more likely to purchase an iPad or tablet knowing it would be more integrated into your work life?


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Starting the New Year Right

With the start of the New Year, resolutions are made and broken. Below are a few fun apps that can help you break bad habits, create good ones, and maybe even keep your New Year’s resolutions.

Weight Loss. This Calorie Counter app has a fitness journal and a large food database to track your meals. Watch yourself get healthier.

Organize Life. Keep your notes easily accessible with Evernote. Whether it’s your grocery list, trip itineraries, or favorite web pages, they are ever-accessible via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Money Budgeting. Mint brings all your financial accounts together. It automatically categorizes …read more

Should You Use Facebook As Your Website?

Many businesses ask if it is necessary to have both a website and a Facebook page. Also up for debate is whether you should use Facebook as your website. Your goals will determine what is right for you.

A few pros and cons to help you decide:

Pros: You don’t have to take on the expense and time of building a website Setting up a Facebook page is free Using third-party apps on Facebook is easy and fairy inexpensive Developing new pages is very easy You can sell products using their ecommerce platform with PayPal Builds relationships with customers and …read more

Overwhelmed by your social media sites? Don’t be.

“I don’t have time to manage all my social media sites.”

“Who can keep up with a bunch of posts?”

“I know I should engage my followers more, but it’s just too much.”

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to manage content across multiple social media platforms. Here are three sites to help:

MarketMeSuite (now free) Hootsuite Tweetdeck

These three premium social media dashboards allow you to manage all social media accounts from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also send, schedule, and monitor your messages, lists, and conversations.

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Embrace What’s Next?

Technology is ever changing. There are two options for those in the workplace:

Learn the new trend Start becoming obsolete.

It’s important to give value to upcoming technology. Not everything is going to work, but just because it’s new does not mean it’s going to fail and even though it’s being embraced by youth does not mean it’s not applicable to all ages. The Youth will be the next workforce and what they learn now will be the future of business to come. Older generations value face to face meetings, younger generations value the ease of an email or …read more

“e” is Evolving … U should 2

E-technology is moving at an unprecedented fast pace. And at times it may seem like it is passing you by. But it’s important to keep up.

To that end, All Things “e” is the place for you to learn about current and emerging e-technologies and explore ways to use these technologies to advance your social change agenda.

Visit our blog often to stay abreast of all things “e” with product reviews, technology news, and valuable resources.