Digital Was the Theme at What’s Next DC

What’s Next DC isn’t your average conference. In fact, it’s not even your average unconference. Now in its third year, What’s Next DC brings together speakers who are boots-on-the ground pros from areas across the country working in the field of communications. With panel topics like “Competing in the Instant Era”, “Facebook and the Power of Mobile”, and “Stop Drowning in Data”, it was clear that the topic of “digital” was the common theme among the presenters.

What’s Next Organizer and Host, Tod Plotkin, talks about this year’s What’s Next Conference and the changes from years past:

Zac Moffatt, …read more

Integrate Virtual Job Fairs into your Non-profit’s Hiring Strategy

Whether your non-profit or organization is large or small, I’d venture a guess that when a position opens up or you’re looking to expand, you post on or a more generic jobs site, and keep your fingers crossed for a diverse set of quality applicants.

If you get the applicant pool you’re looking for, your next move is to conduct dozens of screening calls for the applicants you are interested in. Then, you invite some into your offices for interviews (perhaps multiple rounds). During this process you are losing time, money, and patience.

Even with today’s job friendly Internet …read more

Tips of The Trade – Glennettte Clark Shares Her Insights

Glennette Clark is a designer, communicator, and connector with more than 15 years experience in the web design and production. She is the chair of DC Web Women’s Girls Rock On the Web and the producer of UXCamp DC and MobileUXCamp DC. Just what is UX? The Grio recently featured Clark in a roundup of the top African Americans in technology to be on the lookout for in 2013 and explains it this way, “UX is a growing buzz-word in the tech game.” It stands for “User Experience” and highlights the human interaction with computer systems to create meaningful, …read more

Google Wants to Help You Keep You New Year’s Resolutions

It is week two of 2013. Have you already missed the mark on your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you have already blown your diet or have yet to get to make those travel plans. Google wants to help. The company posted a list of tools designed to assist with some of the most common January 1 promises.

“The new year has arrived, and with it all the resolutions that we hope to tackle in 2013,” Google’s Liz Wessel wrote on the company’s blog. “But resolutions can be hard to keep. And since eating better, taking control of personal finances, traveling …read more

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Cynopsis: Digital reports – Verizon is bringing programming from the NFL Network and NFL RedZone to FiOS TV Online. Via the newly added Watch NFL Network, FiOS customers who subscribe to the NFL Network and NFL RedZone as part of their TV package now have the ability to watch programming from the two channels from anywhere in the US, with a broadband connection. This includes live streaming access to NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, as well as shows like NFL Total Access, NFL GameDay, and the new morning show NFL AM. Access to NFL RedZone, which allows viewers to …read more

5 Apps To Help You Weather The Storm

As the East Coast starts the slow and painful recovery from Hurricane Sandy and prepares for another wintery mix of rain and snow, there’s a lot of clean up to do and preparations to be made. Homes, cars, personal property and in some cases entire blocks have been destroyed. To help you document property damage to your home or car, MediaBsitro AppNewser put together a list of apps that can come in handy. Below is their list of iOS and Android apps that can help with either documenting damage, filing claims or simply tracking possessions.



Insurance Claims Recorder: …read more


Technology. We’ve come to depend on it so much, and yet it’s not always dependable. Thursday morning, Twitter went down for over an hour, wreaking havoc in the Twitteverse and the world.

Mazan Rawashdeh, vice president of engineering posted the following apology on his blog:

“We are sorry. Many of you came to Twitter earlier today expecting, well, Twitter. Instead, between around [11:20am and Noon EST], users around the world got zilch from us. By about [1:25pm EST], people who came to Twitter finally got what they expected: Twitter.”

The outage was apparently cause by a “cascading bug” – which …read more

Social Media’s Killing English?! Or, is it?

Social media can be an easy target, but is it really killing the English language?


Three points to ponder:

A 2010 report by Clarion University says social media and text messages are “consistently associated with the use of particularly informal written communication techniques, along with formatting problems, nonstandard orthography, and grammatical errors.” According to the Orlando Sentinel, English professor Terry Thaxton says “Social media has certainly brought attention to the poor and declining writing, communication, and critical-thinking skills that teachers have seen for a long time. But it’s also helping writers develop experimental ways of writing narrative while …read more

What Happens When The Cloud Goes Down?

This past Friday, lightning in Virginia took out part of Amazon’s cloud computing service. Hundreds of companies use the Amazon Web Services for data storage and computation. This includes Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram. Friday’s storm knocked these sites off the grid for several hours. According to the New York Times, there is still little information for customers about what had happened, or even whether user data was safe.

One thing is for sure, the recent outage has people second guessing the security of using the cloud for themselves and their customers. According to the NY Times:

The interruption underlined how …read more

Long Live Fun

Video games aren’t just for nerds, they can be great tools to train, build awareness and inspire social change.

Games have long been used to teach complex topics in a rewarding way. Kids reared in the 90’s might fondly recall days in the classroom playing Oregon Trail designed to teach students the realities of nineteenth century life. Anyone who spent class time playing that game won’t forget the hardships on the road to the West. Dysentery, broken axels, and rattle snake bikes still haunt us into our adulthood. It’s a great example of the way games can make learning both …read more