508 Compliance Haikus

At Campaign Consultation we have two very strange passions. The first is for haikus of any sort, the second is for 508 compliance. We love spending quiet afternoons carefully tagging, checking, and ensuring every document, presentation, and website is accessible. We find the process soothing, important, and even a little bit entertaining.

For those not in the know, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires Federal agencies to make their digital resources accessible to people with disabilities. That means making sure videos have captions for hear impaired, websites can be easily read by screen readers for the blind, and other …read more

Open Source Bureaucracy: Working Together in the Land of Code

Over the past few month, stories of harassment, assault, and discrimination have peppered national news outlets, and the tech industry has not been immune. Back in March, programmer Julie Horvath announced her resignation from GitHub, advising that encouragement to join in rampant “boys’ culture” made her wish that she had quit sooner. Soon after, The New Republic ran a piece about age discrimination in Silicon Valley, which describes the permeation of young male culture – ping-pong tables, “Whiskey Fridays,” and constant references to male genitalia – in everyday life at an average tech startup.

Unfortunately, sexism, ageism, and racism permeate …read more

It’s Opening Day!


Spring is in the air. A sea of orange runs through the art of our home in Baltimore. The smell of hot dogs and peanuts fill the air. It can only mean one thing: it’s Opening Day! Were bringing back Grump-O Cat again this year to wish the O’s luck today. We’re sure Grumpy Cat’s pure cantankerous power is exactly what we need to crush the Red Soxs!


And here’s a Grump-o for your profile:

Is It Time To Put an End to Facebook?

If you manage a page on Facebook you might have noticed your reach going down. If you are not getting likes, shares, or comments your posts are getting seen by virtually no body. Even if you have thousands upon thousands of people liking your organization you may begin to see that your posts are still only reaching single digits. Why? Facebook is killing organic reach.

Research from Social@Oglivy seems to indicate that the organic reach of Facebook posts is trending toward zero. Soon, no matter how wonderful your Facebook post is it won’t reach the News Feed of your audience. …read more

Tip of the Hat: LibraryThing Does Data Security

We’re all made up of equal parts creativity and fallibility. In our new series “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger,” All Things E will highlight the best and the worst our technological world has to offer.

(Photo credit: srharris)

First up: a tip of the literary cap for great customer service by a social media outlet. LibraryThing is a social networking site that allows users to showcase their books, participate in discussion groups, and participate in crowd sourced cataloging sessions for archival collections. In addition to their social network site, they offer catalog enhancements for libraries. The …read more

Social Networks Make For Good Neighbors

I’m sure you’ve heard attacks by now that social media is destroying the fabric of our communities, isolating us from our neighbors and friend. However new research telling us something different. A Pew study on neighbors and online useage found people who go online daily are more likely to know their neighbors. A recent New York Times article looked at various studies projects that found that in fact technology was not driving us apart at all. One researcher featured, Keith Hampton, studied a “neighborhood of the future” created with high speed internet, tools for video conferencing between houses, etc. What …read more

Twitter Sloth: 3 Ways Your Laziness Can Get You In Trouble

Editor’s Note: We’re continuing our 7 Deadly Sins of Twitter Admins series helping you avoid cringe worthy Twitter faux pas. Read our first part on lust and the terrible things our desire for more followers drives us to do. This week’s post comes from guest writer, Sean Lunsford.

Twitter can be a daunting endeavor to start, and it’s equally challenging to continue. The constant stream of tweets generated by a world full of Twitter users makes for a frenetic pace, and social media workers may well find it hard to keep up. Thankfully, we’re usually not the …read more

Can You Disconnect?

Our writers at All Things E live, breathe, and if we could we would eat social media (I bet Twitter tastes like chicken). Yet Danielle’s post last week reminded me how hard it can be disconnect. Yet I actually enjoy taking sometime away being plugged into the mainframe of the internet. I reflect on the peace I found during my four months in India where letter writing was my main form of communication and I hand wrote every piece of work. It allowed me to engage with the world in a very different way.

Oh don’t get me wrong I …read more

How the Internet Brings Us Closer Together

Living in todays’ ever-connected world has its challenges and opportunities. There are hundreds of advertisers vying for our attention at every moment with ever more customized and sleek advertisements encouraging you to click over and consume. In this disposable age where people are told to keep buying items to achieve status, be happier, healthier and more organized there are people bucking that trend. Using technology thees people are coming together to be the bartering engine driving the Share Economy. In the spirit of sharing, we thought we’d bring you four ways websites and apps give folks an opportunity to make …read more

Technology and Community: A Perfect Pairing for Transportation Change

Approximately 36,000 Baltimore City public school (BCPS) students use the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) to get to school each year yet there voice isn’t always heard by officials. A partnership between the MTA and Wide Angle Youth Media, is changing that.

At the beginning of last year, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) launched the “Rate Your Ride” program, which allows public transit riders to give instant feedback on the quality of their commute. Following a successful pilot program launched by the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, this program allows commuters to submit a quick and easy evaluation of their daily …read more