Reflections on When Advocacy Goes Digital

I attended the When Advocacy Goes Digital Event last week, and wanted to share some of the highlights. The presenters at this event represented Netcentric Campaigns,, and United for Change USA in the digital advocacy field (one presenter also previously worked at


The U.S. has hit a saturation point in terms of number of emails being sent. The smaller the target (community or state-level issues), the more likely you are to gain traction and inspire followers to read emails Test all emails with a small but diverse group of followers to ensure your ideas “stick” (can …read more

FORCE’s Consent Campaign Goes Viral

The folks at FORCE are at it again – creating a spoof of the Playboy Top Party School List that raises awareness about consensual sex. The anti-rape activist group posted a mock website,, with the “Top Ten Party Commandments” for a consensual good time. The commandments included “Thou shalt ask first,” and “Thou shalt make evident thy gentleman virtues,” praising male on-campus efforts such as the No Shave November at the University of Michigan, which raises awareness about consent.

FORCE knocked it out of the park – their mock website went viral, and the humorous but meaningful commandments …read more

Best Back-to-School Apps

It’s that time of year again. Students are back in school and whether they are in the middle school, high school or at the college level, we have some apps that will them get organized and help parents keep track of their star pupil.

1. MyHomework – Getting organized is now a touch screen away. With the MyHomework app, students can organize and keep track of classes and assignments. The app also color-codes items according to their due date and syncs to a desktop to keep all of a student’s information centralized. We can’t guarantee they’ll go to class, but …read more

6 Amazing Things You can Do with 3D Printing

1. Come Face to Face with History: When Richard III was found under a parking lot, we gained new knowledge of this infamous British monarch and Shakespeare’s literary villain from his remains. The Richard III Society took this find a step further by using 3D printing a complete replica of his remains for researchers as well as a model of what Richard III would have looked like in real life.

2. Hop on a Bus: Have you ever gotten to the bus or train stop only to remember you don’t have your pass? With the Seasame ring, you can …read more

Using Volunteers to Run Your Social Media Outreach

Last week, Eye Byte Solutions presented at the annual conference for the Alliance of Nonprofit Management with a fun session called “Limes into Margaritas.” At the conference they looked at how nonprofits could take their design challenges (limes) and turn them into successful strategies (margaritas).

Their note on the particular challenges faced in social media struck me as particularly useful:

In my conversations with nonprofit professionals at the conference, I kept coming back to one particular challenge: How to better use volunteers to execute social media communications. I heard the same challenges again and again.

The volunteers don’t know …read more

Twitter Will Save Your Soul

A few weeks ago the Pope announced he would nick away at your time in purgatory if you followed him on Twitter. The Pope granted plenary indulgences to everyone who attended Catholic World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro last month, but for those who couldn’t afford the flight to Brazil he also grant indulgences to those who watched the events via radio, television, and social media.

Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli, the president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication, was quick to point out that not all social media actions are create equal:

“You don’t obtain …read more

The War of Hashtag: Which Side Do You Fall On?

We’re taking sides this week on All Things E. As you may know Facebook recently introduced hashtags, a tool for seeing other users talking about a particular subject popularized by Twitter and Instagram. The move has caused some controversy among Facebook users and we want to know are you on #teamhashtag or Team Slashtag?

Do you like sharing important moments in history? Did you #standwithwendy?

Do like following the conversation on #nationalservice or #socialmedia with your Facebook friends?

Can you not wait until you can post with a Facebook …read more

5 Ideas to Tech Out Your Summer

Here at Campaign Consultation this summer, when we’re not creating quirky social media campaigns for social change or putting onvirtual fairs and conferences we’re taking some down time to recharge our batteries. That doesn’t mean we leave our devices behind! We at All Things E love lists. I mean, doesn’t everybody? So I’ve put together a list of five summer tech must haves. Are you fine with picking sand from your bathing suit but rather not pick it of your Smartphone? We’ve got you covered. Want to annoy all your neighbors with your loud music while you barbeque outside? No …read more


In honor of Social Media Day, Mashable asked readers today to submit their responses to what #socialmediais. We took up the call and asked our staff to share what social media meant to them. Apologies in advance for the photo quality. This is why we need photographers and real cameras, Chicago

“Social Media is generating smaller, more connected, empowered, curious, and creative world.” – Michelle Bond, Vice President


“Social media is something that can change the world” – Arthurine Walker, Vice President


“Social media is re-establishing desired connections and learning from my peers” – Suzanne …read more

Bringing Infographics to a New Level

As you know, we here at All Things E love infographics. They are a fantastic way to deliver digestible facts and statistics to your audience. Taking it up a notch, Thought Café, a not-for-profit motion graphic studio, creates motion graphic shorts called “Thought Bubbles” to explain and deliver messages for organizations. The thought bubbles can then be shared through social media networks. The bubbles are short, direct and bring life to infographics images.

John Green’s Thought Bubble: Health Care Overhaul (Summarized Via Massive Pig) from Thought Café on Vimeo.

How can you use the “Thought Bubble” concept to your …read more