Charm City Instagram Challenge


Everything we do at All Things E is made with love in Baltimore. We love this town for the creativity, the O’s, and especially for all of the amazing people who call it home.

What I love about Baltimore is the weird. For example, one day while walking to work I saw a man with a bow tie and a huge smile riding a Segway to work. The moment I posted about it on Facebook, others commented with other sighting of this guy, even a news story of his exploits. Now you may see that in other cities, but in Baltimore he’s a cultural icon. That got of thinking of other weird and crazy icons in Baltimore, the things that define us, and that’s how the Charm City Instagram Challenge was born.

The rules are simple:

  1. Each time you complete an item on the list,  snap a photo on Instagram using the hashtag: #Baltimorescavengerhunt
  2. When you’ve completed the entire hunt, be sure to comment below so that we can go through and confirm you as the winner.
  3. Involve your friends and neighbors – this is a community wide effort
  4. Creativity, hilarity, and artistic genius strongly encouraged

The deadline for completing the scavenger hunt is Labor Day.

As we’ve written before images help tell our stories and through our hunt we will be able to tell a story of the icons that create Baltimore and the people that love them.

What’s In it For You: Glory. Fame. Lifetime bragging rights. Plus you’ll get a coveted badge for your social media pages. It’s going to be the hit of the season! Every respectable Baltimorian will want one! All Things E will also be giving out the following prizes:

  • Speedier than the Prix: For the first person to finish the challenge
  • Charm City Mad Man: For the photo that we feel defines Baltimore
  • Odder than Poe: For the weirdest photo
  • So Over Instagram: For the most hipster shot
  • Social Star: For the competitor or photo that receives the most buzz
  • Must be Photoshop: For the most awe inspiring photo
  • Stoop Sage: For the best story of how they got the photo
  • True Champion: For the competitor with the best overall images

Stay tuned to All Things E for regular up dates on the Challenge as well as our regular posts on the intersection of technology and social change.

Now, you’re ready to begin. Go on, rally your friends and get hunting:

  1. Feast on crabs at LP Steamers
  2. Ride the Urban Pirates boat
  3. Night out at Lithuanian Dance Hall
  4. Buy fruit from Arabbers
  5. Spot either Michael Phelps or John Waters
  6. Feast at Lexington Market with UTZ, Berger Cookies and a crab cake from Faidley’s
  7. Shop at the Farmers Market under Route 83
  8. High-five the Natty Boh man or a Hon
  9. Go Duckpin Bowling
  10. Have a picnic at Sherwood Gardens
  11. Pose next to Fifi the Giant Poodle at AVAM
  12. Sample a Crosstown Burger at Hamilton Tavern or their fried pickles if you’re a vegetarian
  13. Hang out at Artscape
  14. Participate in free yoga at the Washington Monument
  15. Eat lake trout next to a LOVE mural
  16. Attend a movie on the hill at Fed Hill
  17. Kiss someone on a Charm City bench
  18. Participate in Bikeparty
  19. Volunteer at a community event
  20. Paddle a dragon boat or take a tour on a water taxi
  21. Visit Edgar Allan Poe’s grave
  22. Attend an Orioles Game
  23. Grab a brew at Union Craft Brewery or Brewer’s Art
  24. Throw a disc at Druid Hill Disc Gold Course
  25. Shake your hips at one of Baltimore’s free salsa lessons
  26. Find this painting of Richard Carton Woodville








Happy hunting my friends! Also don’t forget to check out our sister blog WellPower who are co-sponsoring this challenge.

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