Do you Vine?


Twitter’s Vine app is a popular video-sharing service that recently topped the U.S. App Store’s list of free iPhone apps.  Vine creates short looping videos in a simple and fun way that you can share with your friends, family, and followers.  Organizations are using Vine to promote new products and gain excitement about upcoming music albums.

Have you thought about how you can bring it into your organization? The General Services Administration has recently blogged that Vine videos can be created without breaking any GSA rules.  Organizations such as NASA, U.S. Health Data and the Department of the Interior have created videos to highlight the work that they do in a more interesting way.

Non-profits can use Vine to thank their funders, show service work being done, as well as ask for donations or funds.  Does your organizations have any events coming up to promote or new homes built to showcase?

Here are some resources to check out to help you maximize Vine’s impact for your organization:

Here’s my quick vine to highlight some of the All Things E posts that we’ve done recently.

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