Google Glass to bring the quirk?

We recently wrote a post on how to bring quirk to your social media and on this week’s wrap up we reached out to some social media experts and novices on how they would use Google Glass to personalize (and add quirk, of course) to the work they do on the web.

But first here’s a little background on Google glass. They are glasses that you wear (imagine the terminator glasses) and they do the following via voice commands:

  • Takes pictures
  • Takes videos
  • Searches the web
  • Share what you see live via the web
  • Give directions

Here are some responses from our team!

  • I would live post photos & videos to social media events by taking photos with my glasses.
  • I would use Google Glass to create instructional videos.  While all sorts of instructional videos could be created, the two that come to mind for me are:
    • Driving (or biking) directions for an event – along with sending the address and directions (when necessary), I would create a video showing specifically how to get to the event’s location along with the electronic invitation.
    • Cooking directions for a meal – similar to how cookbooks or blogs show images of the cooking process, I would create a video from start to finish for how to prepare my favorite meals. Yum!
  • Is there way to make it read my brain?  For better or for worse, that’s what I would do!
  • I’d share small miracles, inspirational moments, & random acts of kindness I witness, so others may be inspired too.
  • I’d make videos for Mom on using her smartphone, tablet, and v-mail, so she can text, email, & get messages when I’m not around.
  • I would start my own Google Glass photo sharing social site with filters and awards: Best Adventurer & Best Shoes.

You can also check out some humorous responses that Google has received from around the web.

Interested in learning more about Google Glass?  You can help Google shape Google Glass. Google is looking for bold, creative individuals to become “Explorers” and help test it’s applications. Check out the submission rules here.

How would you use Google Glass?


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