How the Internet Brings Us Closer Together

Living in todays’ ever-connected world has its challenges and opportunities. There are hundreds of advertisers vying for our attention at every moment with ever more customized and sleek advertisements encouraging you to click over and consume. In this disposable age where people are told to keep buying items to achieve status, be happier, healthier and more organized there are people bucking that trend. Using technology thees people are coming together to be the bartering engine driving the Share Economy. In the spirit of sharing, we thought we’d bring you four ways websites  and apps give folks an opportunity to make better use of what they have to get more of what they need.

  1. Tools: Tool libraries such as the one in Baltimore’s Station North district are popping up everywhere. They allow who need tools like a table saw but don’t want to invest in one and store it after the project’s over to borrow it from the library. Local Tools makes it easier for these libraries to manage both investors and inventory. They allow libraries to post their inventories on the web so members can find and reserve tools before they even reach the library. You can even use their map to find a tool library near you!
  2. Leftovers: You heard it right leftovers. A new app LeftoverSwap will let you trade your spare ½ pizza for someone else’s extra kung pow chicken. Does that make your tummy rumble or flip-flop?
  3. Clothes: Not sure how many friends you can get together for a clothing swap? Look no further than the internet! For a membership or rental price retailers like Gwynnie Bee, Thread Tread and Rent the Runway will gladly send you what you’d like and they even do the laundry.
  4. TutoringLearn to Be is a 3 year old organization that connects tutors with students. It’s completely web-based and 100% free!

And remember, Sharing is Caring



Adapted from a post in Resources Now.

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