Leave Your Wallet at Home

As Smartphone’s get smarter, apps strive to be bigger and better.  Square Card Case has taken electronic payment to the next level.  Once you’ve download the Card Case app, you can leave your wallet at home when you run out for a cup of coffee.  And, you can leave your phone in your pocket while you pay.

There are 3 steps to the Card Case.

1.  Download the app and link a credit card.

2.  Open a tab at any Square merchant.

3.  Give your name at the register and you’re done.


How will this affect you? 

Are you more likely to visit merchants that use Card Case? 

Does this wallet-free payment option motivate you to sign up? 


Advantages to merchants:

Merchants can better track their consumer base, offering special discounts to repeat customers and conveying a personal feel that can be overlooked in monetary transactions.

Card Case is not the only mobile payment app out there.  Here are a few others that are gaining traction:

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