Moving to a Landmark Near You

We love our fans. Without them our Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards, the entirety of our social media outreach would be worthless. Though you’ve probably never met them, your fans can make your day with a witty post, words of encouragement, or a terrific review of your organization.

So how do we recognize the vital force our online fans bring to our organization? One great way is to move your fans into your real-life workspaces.

Mashable thanked their 800,000 fans by creating a real-life Facebook wall.  Thousands of photos of their fans adorn the walls of their New York City headquarters and serve as a daily reminder of the existence of an amazing virtual Mashable family.

Another great example comes from the Sydney Opera House’s Housemates campaign. When a large construction project began at the famous Australian landmark, the organization wanted a way to engage their community and turn the ugly construction site into a piece of art.  They decided to adorn barricades with pictures of the people who call the Sydney Opera House “home.”

They created a Facebook “rental” application that allowed people to apply to be a housemate at the Sydney Opera House. The application was publicized on real apartment-finder websites and with fliers throughout Sydney.   In May 2011 the housemates “moved in” with 88 panels of user-submitted photos.

Moving your fans into a physical space is one way to thank them for the energy they bring to your virtual spaces and recognize the important part they play in the success of your organization.

How do you recognize your fans?

Posted by: Robyn Stegman

Project Specialist

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