Overwhelmed by your social media sites? Don’t be.

“I don’t have time to manage all my social media sites.”

“Who can keep up with a bunch of posts?”

“I know I should engage my followers more, but it’s just too much.”

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to manage content across multiple social media platforms. Here are three sites to help:

These three premium social media dashboards allow you to manage all social media accounts from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also send, schedule, and monitor your messages, lists, and conversations.

How can you use these products help build your online community?

  • Listen. Find your audience. Perform and save keyword searches to understand what is being said about you, your mission, or your competitors.
  • Engage. Engage quickly and authentically with many users who fit criteria you have set up across multiple lists.
  • Measure. Measure and track your efforts with the analytics suite.

Word of caution: While these are very cool tools, they can be used in the wrong way. This isn’t free reign to send spammy, repetitive messages that simply push an idea, product, or a call to action.

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