How To Use Padlet For World Domination

One of the most aggravating road blocks to successful world domination is the pop-up window asking for an email address. Nothing makes us shut down faster than being asked to create yet another username and password combination.

Enter Padlet, a browser-based blank slate. The tool-formerly-known-as Wallwisher lets users create a virtual bulletin board with very few layout constraints. The best part? You don’t need an account to contribute content.

While Padlet is a great tool for personal use (and may be responsible for naming your baby), community go-getters are utilizing this site to mobilize the masses. Here are four ways …read more

How the Internet Brings Us Closer Together

Living in todays’ ever-connected world has its challenges and opportunities. There are hundreds of advertisers vying for our attention at every moment with ever more customized and sleek advertisements encouraging you to click over and consume. In this disposable age where people are told to keep buying items to achieve status, be happier, healthier and more organized there are people bucking that trend. Using technology thees people are coming together to be the bartering engine driving the Share Economy. In the spirit of sharing, we thought we’d bring you four ways websites and apps give folks an opportunity to make …read more

Twitter Lust: How the Desire for a Bigger Following Leads Us to Do Cringe Worthy Things

We love the responses we got when we asked friends and colleagues to write about what they consider to be the 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook Admins. Now we’re at it again, helping you avoid cringe worthy Twitter faux pas with our seven part series on the 7 Deadly Sins of Twitter Admins. I’m kicking this series off with our first sin, lust, and the terrible things our desire for more followers drives us to do.

In my work there is no suggestion that sends shivers up my spine than “we should look into buying Twitter followers.” On some level …read more

Technology and Community: A Perfect Pairing for Transportation Change

Approximately 36,000 Baltimore City public school (BCPS) students use the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) to get to school each year yet there voice isn’t always heard by officials. A partnership between the MTA and Wide Angle Youth Media, is changing that.

At the beginning of last year, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) launched the “Rate Your Ride” program, which allows public transit riders to give instant feedback on the quality of their commute. Following a successful pilot program launched by the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, this program allows commuters to submit a quick and easy evaluation of their daily …read more

Reflections on When Advocacy Goes Digital

I attended the When Advocacy Goes Digital Event last week, and wanted to share some of the highlights. The presenters at this event represented Netcentric Campaigns,, and United for Change USA in the digital advocacy field (one presenter also previously worked at


The U.S. has hit a saturation point in terms of number of emails being sent. The smaller the target (community or state-level issues), the more likely you are to gain traction and inspire followers to read emails Test all emails with a small but diverse group of followers to ensure your ideas “stick” (can …read more

FORCE’s Consent Campaign Goes Viral

The folks at FORCE are at it again – creating a spoof of the Playboy Top Party School List that raises awareness about consensual sex. The anti-rape activist group posted a mock website,, with the “Top Ten Party Commandments” for a consensual good time. The commandments included “Thou shalt ask first,” and “Thou shalt make evident thy gentleman virtues,” praising male on-campus efforts such as the No Shave November at the University of Michigan, which raises awareness about consent.

FORCE knocked it out of the park – their mock website went viral, and the humorous but meaningful commandments …read more

Best Back-to-School Apps

It’s that time of year again. Students are back in school and whether they are in the middle school, high school or at the college level, we have some apps that will them get organized and help parents keep track of their star pupil.

1. MyHomework – Getting organized is now a touch screen away. With the MyHomework app, students can organize and keep track of classes and assignments. The app also color-codes items according to their due date and syncs to a desktop to keep all of a student’s information centralized. We can’t guarantee they’ll go to class, but …read more

6 Amazing Things You can Do with 3D Printing

1. Come Face to Face with History: When Richard III was found under a parking lot, we gained new knowledge of this infamous British monarch and Shakespeare’s literary villain from his remains. The Richard III Society took this find a step further by using 3D printing a complete replica of his remains for researchers as well as a model of what Richard III would have looked like in real life.

2. Hop on a Bus: Have you ever gotten to the bus or train stop only to remember you don’t have your pass? With the Seasame ring, you can …read more

Tips Of The Trade with Shannon Mouton

Shannon Mouton leads the internal marketing and digital communications efforts for McKinney & Associates. She is a relationship marketing professional, with a passion for utilizing social technology for building business relationships, sharing information and advancing the greater good. Her 20-plus years of marketing, communications and community-building experiences have afforded her unique opportunities to foster communities where none existed, develop and launch innovative programming and bridge generational, economic and racial divides. Shannon is a contributor to Women Grow Business and has been featured on the Digital Sisterhood Network and American Express OPEN Forum.

Shannon had these social media tips to share:

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Put an Image On it: How to Find Free Images for your Posts

creative commons- (Photo credit: A. Diez Herrero)

It all seems so simple, but when it comes time to add an image to whatever you’re posting, many are faced with similar confusion: where can you go to quickly grab a quality, free, legal image to insert into your latest Facebook post, website or blog?

At Campaign Consultation, and on blogs like this one, we’ve cultivated a few resources over the years that help us find images that meet all of the above standards, while also telling our story.

Below are a few resources that will help you put an image …read more