Phone Home

What do you do when you can no longer go home for family dinners? This is the question our family recently faced when my sister and I relocated to Maryland this June, moving 588 miles away from our dad and our hometown in Lansing, MI.

Family dinners are important to the three of us and we were able to recreate the experience with Skype, an online video calling platform that allows you to call anyone, anywhere, for free. Every other Sunday my sister and I sit down for a Skype dinner with my dad. We each cook the same meal and with the portability of my iPad we can easily move around the screen so that we can chat while we’re chopping, cooking, and enjoying our meal together. It’s amazing how the technology can bring all of us into the same room, even when we’re miles away.

We’re not the only one’s using Skype to create community and make connections:

  • The UNHCR uses Skype to connect refugees with their families displaced across the globe.
  • The Global Playground, a nonprofit organization that builds schools around the world, is using Skype to build a “Virtual Playground” which allows students from all of their sites to interact with each other and with students in the U.S.
  • Musician Denison Witmer uses Skype to give personal concerts from the comfort of his own home.

So how can you use Skype to bridge distances in your work?

Posted by: Robyn Stegman

Project Specialist

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