Say Goodbye to Google Reader

Google reader iconLet’s say a fond farewell to Google Reader.  Yes, that’s right, Google Reader is going the way of Google Wave and will be no more as of July 1.

Google Reader is a popular and widely used RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs –Like All Things E–  without having them emailed to you and cluttering up your inbox.  The web is all a buzz with news that Reader is going away and whether this signals the death of feeds all together. summed it up this way, “Naturally, Reader’s impending shutdown has sparked discussion on whether this marks the end of Really Simple Syndication (RSS), content feeds users can follow on readers such as Google’s software.  But social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have played a big role in how we consume content. Now that users can follow websites through social outlets, RSS is becoming less popular.”

This is little help to those who are still in mourning over the demise of  Reader.  But, all is not lost.  Check out CNET’s round up of Google Reader alternatives here and let us know what you think.

By Danielle Ricks

Social Media Specialist

Campaign Consultation, Inc.

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