Social Media Brings Awareness to Hunger Issues

46.4 million Americans rely on SNAP benefits. That’s 1 out of 7 people in the U.S., and estimates show that 30% of people who are eligible for SNAP are underserved.  So what does being on SNAP mean?  An individual receiving SNAP benefits gets $133.85 per month, which translates to $4.46 per day or $1.48 per meal.

Think about what you had for lunch today? Could you make 21 meals out of your weekly $30?  The #SNAP Challenge asks you to do just that.  Mayor Cory Booker has taken this challenge and is using Twitter and Linked in to keep his constituents apprised of his progress and the difficulty he has faced.

Learn More about the #SNAP Challenge rules and expectations.

Follow Cory Booker’s progress on Twitter.

Watch #SnapChallengeTrend on Twitter.

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