Social Media’s Killing English?! Or, is it?

Social media can be an easy target, but is it really killing the English language?


Three points to ponder:

  • A 2010 report by Clarion University says social media and text messages are “consistently associated with the use of particularly informal written communication techniques, along with formatting problems, nonstandard orthography, and grammatical errors.”
  • According to the Orlando Sentinel, English professor Terry Thaxton says “Social media has certainly brought attention to the poor and declining writing, communication, and critical-thinking skills that teachers have seen for a long time. But it’s also helping writers develop experimental ways of writing narrative while enhancing their writing skills.”
  • Forbes Contributor, Erik Kain, says don’t blame technology: “Admittedly technology can influence the quality of our communications. The letter is largely an art form of the past, replaced by email and Twitter and other communications. And there is some loss to that. But it’s also true that compared to a few centuries ago people are far more literate.”  He adds “As we democratize language and literacy we have to resist the temptation to see in its evolution a sort of breakdown or moral failure simply because not everyone speaks or writes as well as Ralph Fiennes. Language is full of creative destruction, with or without 140 character limits.”

What do you say? Let us know?

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Danielle Ricks

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