Tinu Abayomi-Paul Shares her Social Media Tips of the Trade

Tinu Abayomi-Paul, website promotion specialist and author, is also the principal consultant of Leveraged Promotion, a website promotion company. Their specialty is bringing companies with an existing offline presence the local, national or international exposure they need to increase profitability by leveraging the cost-effective tools available on the web.

Tinu was recently featured in the second installment of the Age of Conversation 2 and has written over 30 ebooks and multimedia guides to using the web to increase

business profits, currently being updated and moved to the Kindle platform

In September 2012, Tinu was quoted in the CNN …read more

Friday Round Up: Humor Helps Spread Messages Fast

You’ve probably seen that Matt Damon is boycotting going to the bathroom by the way of our blog, your friends’ Facebook page, or even CNN. This viral message has two key points that make it a viral sensation (well three if you count Matt Damon’s celebrity-ness). First, it’s funny, and secondly it brings awareness to an important cause that most people aren’t aware of. Here are a few examples of humor being used to spread global good and ways to start thinking creatively

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