A New Kind of Red Revolution

Is Facebook looking a little red today? No, the world’s largest social media site isn’t experiencing a communist revolution, it’s coming alive in support of equal marriage.

It all started with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) who gave their normal blue and yellow logo a red makeover on Monday in support of equal marriage as the Supreme Court begins hearings today on California’s Proposition 8. They asked their supporters to do the same:

“Who’s wearing red tomorrow? Show your support for marriage equality — make your profile image red for tomorrow and check out www.hrc.org/StandForMarriage for more ways to get …read more

Tips of The Trade – Nicolette Pizzitola Gives Us Expert Insights




A career strategist, coach and speaker, Nicolette Pizzitola is the founder of Compass Point Associates, a coaching and consulting firm providing services ranging from career management for individuals, executives and entrepreneurs, to talent management initiatives and leadership coaching within organizations.

An expert in career and talent management, Nicolette is dedicated to teaching individuals to define their success, shape their professional identities, and manage their career.

In addition to speaking at TEDxAdamsMorganWomen in 2012, Nicolette is a frequent speaker at academic institutions, corporations and associations. She has taught career management strategies at The George Washington University School …read more

Say Goodbye to Google Reader

Let’s say a fond farewell to Google Reader. Yes, that’s right, Google Reader is going the way of Google Wave and will be no more as of July 1.

Google Reader is a popular and widely used RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs –Like All Things E– without having them emailed to you and cluttering up your inbox. The web is all a buzz with news that Reader is going away and whether this signals the death of feeds all together.

USAToday.com summed it up this way, “Naturally, Reader’s impending shutdown has sparked discussion on …read more

Friday Round Up: Outstanding Marketing Programs

Pinterest featue in Metro – 27th February 2012 (Photo credit: Great British Chefs)

After hearing the great tips from Geoff Livingston, it’s time to dive right in and see what you can do to market your organization creatively. Below are some resources that will help you visually market your organization.

Everyone loves an infograph. Create one with your impact data and share it with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Company blog, and even go old school, if you have a company newsletter, stick it in there! Do you work with smart, creative people? Videotape them (make sure they …read more

Friday Roundup: The Power of Images

Images have always been powerful ways to tell a story. With the rise of photo driven social networks like Pinterest and Instagram photos have become a social media force to reckon with. A A few good visuals can enhance your social media efforts and we’ve got resources to help you develop them.

1) Read about the Rise of Visual Social Media

2) Get tips on how to Charm Donors with Alluring Visual

3) Visually display data by finding and making infographics on Visual.ly

4) Watch a Ted talk on how photos have changed the world

5) See how images …read more

Friday Roundup: Facebook Insights

Excited to learn more about your Facebook Dashboard? Below are a few resources that you can add to your growing arsenal of information.

Glossary of Facebook Insight terminology. Infographic of the relationship between the numbers of users and actions recorded. Check out Facebook’s new search feature. Come back next week and learn how you can use it to find organizations working on causes you care about or see what causes your friends are interested. Stephanie Grocott Project Specialist Campaign Consultation, Inc. …read more

Understanding Facebook Insights

If you’re a Facebook page administrator you’ve probably seen Facebook Insights but do you actually use them? In our Insight Kung Fu series we’ll help you go from a Facebook grasshopper to an analytics master in three parts:

White Belt: Understanding Your Dashboard Green Belt: Diving Into Data Black Belt: Putting Your Insights to Work Facebook Insights White Belt : Understanding Your Dashboard

Today we’re starting easy. When you go to Facebook Insights you will get to this front screen:

Here you can get basic information about your overall page.

Total Likes: The …read more

When Social Networking goes Pro

LinkedIn has released the findings of The Mindset Divide, a new research study that interviewed over 6,000 social network users across 12 countries on how and why people use professional and personal social networks. According to the study, people use personal social networks to socialize or pass the time of day. No surprises there. In comparison, professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, are used to do what the report describes as “investing time.” However, what is most interesting is the types of content people expect to see on a professional social network versus a personal one. Respondents ranked “Updates from …read more

Moving to a Landmark Near You

We love our fans. Without them our Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards, the entirety of our social media outreach would be worthless. Though you’ve probably never met them, your fans can make your day with a witty post, words of encouragement, or a terrific review of your organization.

So how do we recognize the vital force our online fans bring to our organization? One great way is to move your fans into your real-life workspaces.

Mashable thanked their 800,000 fans by creating a real-life Facebook wall. Thousands of photos of their fans adorn the walls of their …read more

Is your Facebook “Like” a Matter of Free Speech?

Daniel Ray Carter, a sheriff’s office employee in Virginia, did what millions of people do each day, he logged on to Facebook and hit “Like”. Unfortunately, that one click got him fired because the Page he liked was that of a candidate who was challenging his boss. Carter filed a lawsuit claiming that his First Amendment rights have been violated and he has gained some key support in court.

Facebook filed a motion in the United States Court of Appeals, saying that “Likes” should be protected by the First Amendment. In its brief, the social network says:

“Like” is protected …read more