Apps to Save Your Thanksgiving


The pressure of cooking your family or just being around your family can be a lot for a person to take! Use some of these apps below to help you survive and thrive this Thanksgiving.


Unsure When Your Turkey is Done?

Every chef, from novice to professional, knows the importance of a well cooked bird. Save yourself a headache and download the TurkeyTimer app, which will track the approximate brownness of your turkey, the approximate internal temperature of your turkey, and about how long it will be until you can take the turkey out of the oven. …read more

Phone Home

What do you do when you can no longer go home for family dinners? This is the question our family recently faced when my sister and I relocated to Maryland this June, moving 588 miles away from our dad and our hometown in Lansing, MI.

Family dinners are important to the three of us and we were able to recreate the experience with Skype, an online video calling platform that allows you to call anyone, anywhere, for free. Every other Sunday my sister and I sit down for a Skype dinner with my dad. We each cook the …read more