Four Ways to Celebrate the Birth of…Flickr?

Ten years old is an excellent age. You’re old enough to enjoy independent thought, but not quite old enough to start taking responsibility for your actions. In the world of social media, where networks fade into obscurity after a few years of robust health, ten years feels like an eternity. (We’re looking at you, Tom.)

In the age of decade-long domination, Facebook is all anyone can talk about these days. We reminisce about our first time entering this strange new world of digital connections, using only our wits and our .edu email addresses. Facebook gave us some fun ways to …read more

You’ve tested your subject line, but what email platform to use?!

Now that you know how important it is to test your subject lines and track your email outreach, here are some email platforms that can help you reach the most people in the most effective manner.

All of the following email platforms can:

Schedule emails in advance (this will make sure your emails are sent at the optimal time you chose for your subscribers) Provides easy to use templates Anti-spam checkers Send emails!

What sets these platforms apart is their price, some features and most importantly the resources that they want to share with their field. Check them out and …read more