What Makes Your Pin Perfect?

What makes a GREAT Pinterest image?

I asked a group this question as part of a social media training I gave this week.

Before they could answer, I showed them what data says: Wired Magazine and others recently published the results of year-long “Perfect Pin” data gathering from Philadelphia start-up, Curalate, who correlated information about how often pins are shared, liked, or commented upon with characteristics of a pin and came up with a half dozen answers about what is GREAT.

Here they are:

No Human Faces Little Background (main subject takes up more of the background) Lots of Reds …read more

Friday Round Up: Outstanding Marketing Programs

Pinterest featue in Metro – 27th February 2012 (Photo credit: Great British Chefs)

After hearing the great tips from Geoff Livingston, it’s time to dive right in and see what you can do to market your organization creatively. Below are some resources that will help you visually market your organization.

Everyone loves an infograph. Create one with your impact data and share it with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Company blog, and even go old school, if you have a company newsletter, stick it in there! Do you work with smart, creative people? Videotape them (make sure they …read more

Friday Roundup: The Power of Images

Images have always been powerful ways to tell a story. With the rise of photo driven social networks like Pinterest and Instagram photos have become a social media force to reckon with. A A few good visuals can enhance your social media efforts and we’ve got resources to help you develop them.

1) Read about the Rise of Visual Social Media

2) Get tips on how to Charm Donors with Alluring Visual

3) Visually display data by finding and making infographics on Visual.ly

4) Watch a Ted talk on how photos have changed the world

5) See how images …read more