Tips of The Trade – Nicolette Pizzitola Gives Us Expert Insights




A career strategist, coach and speaker, Nicolette Pizzitola is the founder of Compass Point Associates, a coaching and consulting firm providing services ranging from career management for individuals, executives and entrepreneurs, to talent management initiatives and leadership coaching within organizations.

An expert in career and talent management, Nicolette is dedicated to teaching individuals to define their success, shape their professional identities, and manage their career.

In addition to speaking at TEDxAdamsMorganWomen in 2012, Nicolette is a frequent speaker at academic institutions, corporations and associations. She has taught career management strategies at The George Washington University School …read more

Say Goodbye to Google Reader

Let’s say a fond farewell to Google Reader. Yes, that’s right, Google Reader is going the way of Google Wave and will be no more as of July 1.

Google Reader is a popular and widely used RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs –Like All Things E– without having them emailed to you and cluttering up your inbox. The web is all a buzz with news that Reader is going away and whether this signals the death of feeds all together. summed it up this way, “Naturally, Reader’s impending shutdown has sparked discussion on …read more

Google Glass to bring the quirk?

We recently wrote a post on how to bring quirk to your social media and on this week’s wrap up we reached out to some social media experts and novices on how they would use Google Glass to personalize (and add quirk, of course) to the work they do on the web.

But first here’s a little background on Google glass. They are glasses that you wear (imagine the terminator glasses) and they do the following via voice commands:

Takes pictures Takes videos Searches the web Share what you see live via the web Give directions

Here are some responses …read more

Friday Round Up: Outstanding Marketing Programs

Pinterest featue in Metro – 27th February 2012 (Photo credit: Great British Chefs)

After hearing the great tips from Geoff Livingston, it’s time to dive right in and see what you can do to market your organization creatively. Below are some resources that will help you visually market your organization.

Everyone loves an infograph. Create one with your impact data and share it with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Company blog, and even go old school, if you have a company newsletter, stick it in there! Do you work with smart, creative people? Videotape them (make sure they …read more

Friday Roundup: All about the Hashtag

After learning about how the Healthcare Hashtag Project efficiently tracks important hashtags and twitter chats related to health, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do with Twitter for your organization in your specific field. But first it’s helpful to learn about what others are doing with hashtags, and what’s best for your organization.

Things to do using Hashtags:

5 Ways Businesses Should Use Hashtags. See how hashtags created successful marketing campaigns.

Things to avoid when using hashtags:

Five Twitter Hashtag PR Disasters Social Good Tips: Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, look here for social …read more

What Hashtag to Use? Crowd-sourced Hashtag Projects Could be the Answer

hashtag (Photo credit: danielmoyle)

With any cause or campaign, it’s often daunting and difficult to dive into a Twitter conversation. You’re supposed to listen first, right? What are popular hashtags? Where do you find the online influencers? Are there conferences or Twitter chats you should be following?

If you’re asking all of the right questions, but still throwing spaghetti against your Twitter wall, know that you are not alone.

Without certain powerful and expensive analytical tools already in our online bookmarks, non-profits, advocacy groups, small businesses, and more are at a loss for how to quickly understand specific Twitter …read more

Who is Tweeting and WHAT are They Tweeting About?

There have been several studies that attempt to pinpoint the demographic makeup of Twitter users. “An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World,” a detailed report from social media firm Beevolve looked at more than 36 million Twitter accounts and 28 billion tweets to answer the question: Who’s tweeting? Here’s what a few media outlets had to say about the report:

Fast Company / Fast Feed – So, this is what social marketing media firm Beevolve has to say about the average Twitter user. She’s an American of indeterminate age, uses an iPhone, likes the color purple …read more

Who’s Tweeting on Your Behalf?

A fun way to get the word out about your company or event is to have a celebrity tweet about it. If you don’t know any celebrities, you should create your own. Are you hosting a large conference? Have your twitter feed be from the perspective of a fly-on-the-wall observer. Make it something fun, like a conference chair or pen. Are you producing a play? Have your twitter feed be of an unknown extra. Give insights to your event and little known fun facts. Be entertaining but with a purpose. Almost out of conference tickets? “Chairs are filling up all …read more


Technology. We’ve come to depend on it so much, and yet it’s not always dependable. Thursday morning, Twitter went down for over an hour, wreaking havoc in the Twitteverse and the world.

Mazan Rawashdeh, vice president of engineering posted the following apology on his blog:

“We are sorry. Many of you came to Twitter earlier today expecting, well, Twitter. Instead, between around [11:20am and Noon EST], users around the world got zilch from us. By about [1:25pm EST], people who came to Twitter finally got what they expected: Twitter.”

The outage was apparently cause by a “cascading bug” – which …read more

Social Media’s Killing English?! Or, is it?

Social media can be an easy target, but is it really killing the English language?


Three points to ponder:

A 2010 report by Clarion University says social media and text messages are “consistently associated with the use of particularly informal written communication techniques, along with formatting problems, nonstandard orthography, and grammatical errors.” According to the Orlando Sentinel, English professor Terry Thaxton says “Social media has certainly brought attention to the poor and declining writing, communication, and critical-thinking skills that teachers have seen for a long time. But it’s also helping writers develop experimental ways of writing narrative while …read more