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Tech News RoundupNo time to catch up on the latest tech and social media news?  No worries!  All Things E has you covered. Here’s your weekly dose of what’s happening across the web. 65% of All Email Gets Opened First on a Mobile Device – While composing email on mobile phones is still a tricky feat, email reading is quickly shifting away from the desktop. According to data from the US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 from Movable Ink, way more than half of all email — a full 65 percent — is now being accessed via mobile devices in the U.S. That’s up relatively steeply from just 61 percent for the third quarter of 2013. Of the 65 percent of email that gets opened on mobile gadgets, smartphones take home the majority of messages. These messages don’t get more than a few seconds of readers’ attention, but if your intended recipient is using an iPhone, your chances are a bit better. About 38 percent of iPhone users spent 15 seconds or more viewing each message, with 35 percent of Android smartphone owners reporting spending 15 seconds or longer on each message.

TechCrunch: Want A Neat Overview Of What’s Going On In Wearables? Point Your Eyes Right Here – Wearables are so hot right now. Apple iWatch rumours are in rude health. Google is apparently looking (beyond Glass) at picking up and strapping onto its business another startup in the wearables space (guesses for which in the comments pls). Jawbone, maker of the UP fitness tracker bangle (and apparently not the company in Google’s Glassy sights), is running sweat-free towards an IPO. Action camera maker GoPro — ok, not technically a wearables company but the point of its cameras are that they are, y’know, wearable — has already filed for one. Smartwatch maker Pebble has raised a tonne of money since 2012, first via Kickstarter and then, off the back of its snowballing crowdfunder, from VC checkbooks.

ReadWrite: Facebook And Twitter Want To Be Each Other—But Shouldn’t – Recently, it’s become clear that Twitter and Facebook have big ambitions: Twitter wants to be Facebook and Facebook wants to be Twitter. Twitter, essentially a news site, wants to be more friendly. Facebook, essentially a place to hang out with friends, wants to be more newsy. Will either succeed?

Mashable: Facebook Is Watching How You Watch TV – Facebook has given the world its first peek at the trove of user data that will compete with Twitter’s firehose in the budding social media analytics market. In a report produced in conjunction with social media television analytics firm SecondSync, Facebook breaks down anonymized user data surrounding television shows by a variety of measures such as types of interaction, demographics, device and genre. The release provides an initial look at information that previously was used almost exclusively by Facebook itself to provide targeted advertisements and “Sponsored Stories.” “This has valuable marketing implications, demonstrating trends by demographic and how mobile has become the key method of engagement,” said Fred Leach, head of measurement R&D and partnerships at Facebook, in a press release.





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