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TechPresident: World Bank’s New Website Lets Countries Compare Data on Education – The World Bank launched last week an open data portal called the Systems Approach for Better Education Results or SABER, which has so far collected data from 100 countries on education policies and institutions. Officials can use the tool to gather and analyze information on their own education systems and compare them with those of other countries. Have Presidential Speeches Gotten More ‘Tweetable’? – The White House regularly tweets sentences from key speeches on its various feeds. Which made Yahoo’s News Chris Wilson and Olivier Knox wonder “whether the president’s speech writers were actually crafting his speeches to fit in Twitter-friendly increments.” Perhaps it would stand to reason that presidential speeches, like so much else, have been influenced by the platform. Turns out? Not so much. Wilson and Knox created a tool that measures the “tweetability” of text—which is, as they define it, “a measure of how many sentences fall below the 120-character mark”. The resulting rating is a percentage of the sentences that fall below 120. And while those ratios are, of course, extremely rough estimates—”tweetability” is about much more than mere sentence length alone—the tool offers a general idea of the length of presidential speeches as they play out over time, at the atomic unit of Twitter: the sentence itself.

ReadWrite: More Big Data Is Better, But Good Luck Understanding It All – In math, multiplying two negative numbers together yields a positive number. In the world of data, multiplying a huge number of negative data points, worthless in isolation, can yield highly positive insights, according to new research published by Flemish researchers in the Big Data journal. As the authors conclude, “when predictive models are built from sparse, fine-grained data—such as data on low-level human behavior—we continue to see marginal increases in predictive performance even to very large-scale.” The trick is figuring out the right questions to ask and finding the right people to interpret the data. This turns out to be a big hurdle.

Mashable: Most Top Brands Still Don’t Engage With Twitter Followers – Taco Bell and T-Mobile have both gained attention in recent months for engaging with customers and other brands on Twitter, but a new study shows most big brands still hold off from the practice. During the final three months of 2013, 98 of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands tweeted at least once and the average company tweeted 12 times per day, according to data from Simply Measured, a social media analytics provider. However, the report also found that 54% of these Interbrand companies send less than one @-reply per day. How To Create A Breakthrough Customer Experience – Customers are at the heart of every company, no matter the industry or product/service sold. Digital has only magnified the importance of providing an optimal experience, whether online, via mobile, in-store, or any other way customers can engage. Marketers understand that–and now they’re looking for ways to differentiate that experience from what their competitors provide. Eleven marketing pros (starting with insight from this author) how they’re doing so, all with the goal of significantly improving the quality of the customer experience.

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