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Glennette ClarkGlennette Clark is a designer, communicator, and connector with more than 15 years experience in the web design and production. She is the chair of DC Web Women’s Girls Rock On the Web and the producer of UXCamp DC and MobileUXCamp DC.  Just what is UX? The Grio recently featured Clark in a roundup of the top African Americans in technology to be on the lookout for in 2013 and explains it this way, “UX is a growing buzz-word in the tech game.”  It stands for “User Experience” and highlights the human interaction with computer systems to create meaningful, valuable and effective designs. As pointed out in the article “developers take human psychology and studied human reactions and responses to create digital experiences users can enjoy.”

We took a moment to talk to Glennette Clark about how she uses social in her business and to get some Tips of The Trade

How do you use social media in your work?I use social media to promote UXCamp DC and MobileUX Camp DC. I use Twitter to communicate upcoming events. I use Vimeo to share videos from the events.

What trends do you see in the upcoming year for social media?I think that people will start to re-evaluate their social media networks. There are a lot of networks but not enough time in the day. I also believe that people will be more vigilant about privacy concerns.

 What’s your best social media tip?Know the social media network you are working with. A communications style on one network may not work for another.

Want to learn more about UXCamp DC and MobileUXCamp DC?  Check out this video of one of the most recent UXCamp DC sessions:

Hybrid Personalization: Tags with Personality: Reshma Vyas from Glennette Clark on Vimeo.

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