What Do Your Social Networking Sites Say About You?

Most job applicants know the importance of a typo free resume and a carefully penned cover letter. But, that may not be enough. Did you know you also need an equally well scripted social networking life?

90% of job recruiters use social networking sites to investigate candidates.  What does your profile say about you?

Here are some quick ways to clean up your profile and become more attractive to recruiters:

  • Link articles about your industry to your status.  Show that you are up to date on industry changes.
  • Create a LinkedIn account, and ask previous employers/co-workers to write references for you.
  • Remove pictures and status updates that you wouldn’t be comfortable discussing in your interview.
  • And if all else fails, go to your privacy settings and mark everything private.  Learn how to make your Facebook profile private.


Want to know what recruiters are looking at after they receive your resume?

Check out this cool infographic for more information.

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