What Happens When The Cloud Goes Down?

This past Friday, lightning in Virginia took out part of Amazon’s cloud computing service.  Hundreds of companies use the Amazon Web Services for data storage and computation. This includes Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram.  Friday’s storm knocked these sites off the grid for several hours. According to the New York Times, there is still little information for customers about what had happened, or even whether user data was safe.

One thing is for sure, the recent outage has people second guessing the security of using the cloud for themselves and their customers.  According to the NY Times:

The interruption underlined how businesses and consumers are increasingly exposed to unforeseen risks and wrenching disruptions as they increasingly embrace life in the cloud. It was also a big blow to what is probably the fastest-growing part of the media business, start-ups on the social Web that attract millions of users seemingly overnight.

Amazon recovered quickly from the outage and some of its major customers: Intercontinental Hotels, Fox Entertainment, Unilever, Spotify, as well as 187 government agencies and hundreds of small start-ups were not affected.  However, soon they will all have another option. Google said it would offer computing over the Internet at half the price of Amazon.

Posted by: Danielle Ricks Social Media Specialist Campaign Constultation, Inc


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