What Hashtag to Use? Crowd-sourced Hashtag Projects Could be the Answer


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With any cause or campaign, it’s often daunting and difficult to dive into a Twitter conversation. You’re supposed to listen first, right? What are popular hashtags? Where do you find the online influencers? Are there conferences or Twitter chats you should be following?

If you’re asking all of the right questions, but still throwing spaghetti against your Twitter wall, know that you are not alone.

Without certain powerful and expensive analytical tools already in our online bookmarks, non-profits, advocacy groups, small businesses, and more are at a loss for how to quickly understand specific Twitter communities without spending time we all don’t have manually scanning Twitter’s airwaves.

Healthcare Hashtag Project is a free tool that eliminates that manual scanning for cause or campaign-specific Tweeple. Symplur, a social media content and analytics provider that exists at the intersection of Web 2.0 and Healthcare 2.0, found a way, through the Healthcare Hashtag Project, to quickly surface the important health hashtags and Twitter chats for healthcare professionals, their patients, and other healthcare followers.

The image below displays Symplur’s basic layout, with hashtags organized by category, as well as what’s trending and new.



What I love about this project?

  1. It doesn’t get hashtags from some powerful analytics tool or robotic scanner. It sources its content from 705 respected healthcare voices. You can access all of their profiles here.
  2. A project like this invites in a user who is not currently on Twitter or who uses Twitter less frequently and in doing so, diversifies the conversation. Most healthcare providers and advocates are busy, cause-driven people. A simple webpage like this welcomes them in.

It’s a powerful tool at all of our fingertips. Couldn’t all causes or campaigns organize communities like this to develop comprehensive lists of topic-specific hashtags, Twitter chats, and more? All it would take is a social network and an organizer.

What tricks or tips do you have for finding popular hashtags on specific subjects?




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