Who is Tweeting and WHAT are They Tweeting About?

There have been several studies that attempt to pinpoint the demographic makeup of Twitter users.  “An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World,” a detailed report from social media firm Beevolve looked at more than 36 million Twitter accounts and 28 billion tweets to answer the question: Who’s tweeting? Here’s what a few media outlets had to say about the report:

Fast Company / Fast Feed – So, this is what social marketing media firm Beevolve has to say about the average Twitter user. She’s an American of indeterminate age, uses an iPhone, likes the color purple (not The Color Purple, although is that a Venn diagram I see in the distance?) and she has 208 followers.

HuffPost – First, though, here’s a bit we already knew: According to the company itself, Twitter had 140 million active monthly users tweeting 340 million messages a day, as of March 2012. One third-party estimate puts the number of registered Twitter handles (active or inactive) at 500 million.

The Telegraph – Beevolve said its data on the age distribution of Twitter users was probably heavily skewed towards the young, “since a lot of teenagers are comfortable disclosing their age on social networks compared to their older peers.” Less than one in 200 Twitter users discloses their age, and of those almost three quarters are aged 15 to 25.

SlashGear – “Love” is the most popular word used in Twitter bios, and “Family” is easily the most popular subject for users aged 15 to 65.

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